Sunday, October 31, 2010

Hans Wegner and minimalist Japanese modern architecture

In 2007 two young Japanese architects, Takei Makoto and Nabeshima Chie (TNA Architects), imagined a contemporary design house in a desert and unexpected wooded landscape, near the town of Karuizaman some 185 miles northwest of Tokyo : with this mini-tower, set far from the roads, designed as a serene retreat melding modern shape and natural environment, they won the Wall Paper Design Awards 2008 for the Best New Private House.

Their house is wrapped in rings of glass and wood and has an uninterrupted 360-degree view of the forest. In an area that was dark, this plot of land was originally unmarkable. But they were undeterred by the conditions and set about designing the house : they designed rings around the facade so that areas of private space and utilities could be met. The height of each ring was decided by the function concealed behind it. The glass between the rings allow you to look straight into the forest, so the whole house appears to dissolve into the forest. 

If the architects designed all the furniture and woolcrafts, they wanted one mid-century designer to enhance the minimalist spirit of the area : Hans Wegner's wonderful chairs and armchairs are absolutely perfect in this modern conception of space and life !







Ideat, n°80, november 2010

... and for these chairs and armchairs in our collection 

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