Friday, October 8, 2010

And now what about Stockholm ?

European Design Hotels' tour part IV...

In the heart of Stockholm's city, Clarion Hotel Sign is the largest hotel. It all started with the idea to create a unique, timeless, first-class hotel. By combining the best of Scandinavian architecture and design it would create a source of inspiration for the guests. A collection of icons in their areas that together would celebrate Scandinavia. 
The Swedish architect, Gert Wingårdh, put the idea down on paper and created the spectacular building. Dominated by granite and glass, it leans over the square, reflecting the green park.
The interior was provided by Scandinavian design icons, such as Jacobsen, Bruno Mathsson and Alvar Aalto. 
Thus the 558 rooms feature interior design distinguished by its clean lines and timeless appearance. Each floor is dedicated to a classic Scandinavian designer, reflected in the interiors of the rooms. Want to get to know Arne Jacobsen’s classic Egg and Swan? Or are you more into Bruno Mathsson’s Jetson Chair ? The choice is yours !

Sure we will stay there when in Sweden !

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