Wednesday, January 25, 2012

In our neighbourhood : a wonderful PH Louvre

 Galerie Stéphane Olivier, 3 rue de l'Université, 75007 Paris

"Key features
- Originally designed for a church in Denmark. - 13 shades mounted on 4 legs - Inspired by an earlier fixture – “Spiral” - Glare free and even illumination

The fixture provides 100% glare-free light. The geometrical, spherical design is based on the principle of illuminating all surfaces at the same angle. This ensures uniform light around the fixture, illuminating both walls and ceiling. Matte painted undersurfaces and glossy top surfaces result in an attractive reflection of the diffused light, creating uniform light distribution around the fixture.

White, wet painted.

Story behind the product
PH Louvre was made for the Adventist Church in Skodsborg, Denmark. This globe-shaped fixture consists of thirteen shades mounted on four legs."


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