Thursday, September 1, 2011

Nice shapes by Niels O. Møller

Stool, circa 1957

Teak dresser

Model 62 Chair

Model 64 Chair

Model 78 Chair

Model 71 Chair


Niels O. Møller (1920-1982)
Danish designer and cabinetmaker, Niels O. Møller is known for his elegant furniture in teak and rosewood. He is a strong representive for Danish post-war furniture design with high demands on materials and craft skills. Møller founded the funiture factory J.L Møller Møbelfabrik in Århus, Denmark, in 1944. All of his designs were produced by J. L Møller. The company is still active and owned by the Møller family :


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Møller by Obliqdesign :

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