Tuesday, August 16, 2011

About Ole Wanscher (1903-1985)

To my point of view, Ole Wanscher's armchairs are really elegant...


"This Ole Wanscher teak settee and lounge chair, very rare model designed for  Cado, featuring concave seat panels, sculpted armrests, and saber-flared legs. Elegant and refined, the lineage of this design can be traced to Wascher's earlier classically-influenced Colonial Chair for P. Jeppesen, and to the knock-down construction of his models for France & Son" (http://thenorthelevation.blogspot.com/2011/08/fresh-finds-ole-wanscher-aj-donahue-art.html & http://modernlove20.com/2009_freshfinds.htm)

 His coffee tables are refined :

This one is a folding coffee table designed in 1951

And this jewelrybox in rosewood is one of my favourite :

"Words like delicate, elegant and orderly come to mind when describing the designs of Ole Wanscher (1903–1985). Wanscher was a student of Kaare Klint, and later followed in his footsteps as Professor at the Furniture School at the Royal Academy in Copenhagen.
Like Klint, he was inspired by classical furniture, and he possessed a great interest in and knowledge about, not only English 18th century furniture, but also early Egyptian furniture. (...)  Although Ole Wanscher took great interest in industrially made furniture and designed several pieces with this in mind, his finest work were made in collaboration with master cabinetmaker A. J. Iversen." (http://www.danish-furniture.com/designers/ole-wanscher/#ole-wanscher-easy-chair)

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