Friday, June 3, 2011

American eye on Danish design : "timeless influence" (The Washington Examiner, 05/28/2011)
"The Danes know design. Nearly 8,000 square miles smaller than West Virginia, the country has produced some of the most iconic furniture designs of the 20th century -- designs that are still among the hottest furniture trends. Sparked by a post World War II thirst for renewal, Denmark fueled a style that many today call midcentury modern."It's amazing that a country of 5 million people has such an impact on the whole world when it comes to architecture and design," said Annette Rachlin, a Danish-born furniture dealer who sells Scandinavian furniture from her Georgetown home. Denmark produced design masters like Hans J. Wegner, whose shell and wing chairs grace the floors of many modern American furniture showrooms. Wegner once worked for Arne Jacobsen, whose most notable designs include the egg chair, the ant chair and the Series 7 chair. Reproductions or copies of the Series 7 chair are found in schools, offices and homes throughout the country. (...) Wegner and Jacobsen, along with contemporaries Borge Mogensen and Poul Henningsen, were among the leaders of the Danish design explosion that began in the 1940s. Mogensen's streamlined sofas and Henningsen's famous PH lamp and artichoke lamp exemplify modern design. Henningsen's artichoke lamp now retails for more than $7,000. (...) "The Danes are very innovative. Everything is user friendly and accessible," Rachlin said. Because nearly 85 percent of all Danes live in urban areas, attention to efficiency and functionality are essential to Danish design."
"We're a very small country and very conscious about resources," Rachlin said. "We are aware that we have limited resources."
Millennium Decorative Arts:
Annette Rachlin:
By : Merlisa Lawrence Corbett, 05/28/2011

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