Monday, March 7, 2011

Donald A. Wexler : the American Modernism in California

Donald A. Wexler, AIA, Wexler Family House, (interior) 1955, Palm Springs, CA
photograph ©Juergen Nogai, 2010

Wexler and Harrison, Wexler Family House (night view), 1955, Palm Springs, CA
 photograph © Juergen Nogai, 2010

Wexler and Harrison, Steel House, 1962
photograph © Juergen Nogai 2010

"Donald Wexler practiced architecture during what he calls the “golden age” of California architecture from the immediate postwar years through the 1970s. This was a time when architects enjoyed considerable freedom to employ new materials and technologies in their search for functionally beautiful architecture. The extremes of the desert climate forced Wexler to develop a sustainable architecture, which was not only successful functionally, but achieved a timeless aesthetic appeal. During a career that spanned almost six decades, he designed numerous houses, condominium complexes, as well as banks, office parks and schools."

"Steel and Shade: The Architecture of Donald Wexler"exhibition, Palm Springs Art Museum

 (from 01.29.11 to 05.29.11)

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