Monday, August 16, 2010

"A wisp of fog" : the Casalino chair

"Not a single drawing I made", Alexander Begge (born in 1941) remembers. "I had this image of a wisp of fog, and elaborated on that. It brought so much joy, I was in a glow. The Casala factory had a siren, which sounded several times a day. When the siren went off at the end of the working day, I though it was time for a coffee break. I had forgotten everything around me." 

So nice story, so nice chair... A small part of the childish and cheerful 1970s plastic pop design for our children !

Despite this pleasure, Alexander Begge never designed any furniture again. He studied potter’s art and started furnace construction firm. These days Alexander Begge lives near Koblenz, Germany.

In 2007, a Dutch manufacturer, Casala Meubelen Nederland, wanted to introduce it again : they found the original moulds at a Turkish depot in Antalya and redesigned the original Casalino. In two sizes, with ou without armrests, Casalino 2007 and Casalino Jr were born : stackable, antistatic, weather resisting, impactproof, scratchresistant as ever - almost, just almost, like the beautiful 1970s poetic original... Up to you... 

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